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Modern Industrial Photo Shoot

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Blushing Pear had fun collaborating with some amazing Kelowna vendors this past fall for a really cool photo shoot. Tara Peach Photography, Pandore Event Group (styling), Passionate Blooms (centerpiece), Amana Beauty (makeup), model Victoria Fischer, Lavender & Lace (ring garlands), Wolf & Wander Calligraphy and Blushing Pear (vintage furniture and props) worked together to create a modern industrial vibe within the historic Laurel Packinghouse in downtown Kelowna.

Time for Wedding Expos!


Summer is fading fast! I can smell and feel the change in the air, and I can see it in the changing colors of the sky and leaves. What a summer it has been! Blushing Pear has been busy, renting out props and furniture, collaborating on photo shoots, adding to our inventory, and planning for the year ahead. The end of summer also means the end of a busy wedding season, though events continue on through the fall and winter! We are also steadily booking up for the summer of 2017- so if you’re thinking of renting vintage décor, you may want to plan ahead sooner rather than later.

Speaking of fall and winter, are you planning on attending the upcoming Wedding Expos? As a member of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, Blushing Pear is excited about meeting new faces and connecting with familiar faces at the Okanagan Wedding Expo happening on September 27, 2016 at Okanagan College in the Atrium. Stop by and say hello! Visit my display and pick up a brochure and a free gift!

Of course, another major wedding event will be taking over the city of Kelowna, on January 15, 2017! This will be our first time as a vendor at the Okanagan Bridal Expo and we can’t wait! Bridal fashion show, wedding vendors, everything about the wedding industry showcased under one roof! Join Blushing Pear and several other vendors at The Delta Grand Hotel this coming January!

Thrill of the Hunt?


Running a business is time consuming but there are perks too. Working from home? Check. Creative control? Ditto. Autonomy? Yep. But the role of business owner also requires diligence, communication and money management skills, efficiency and great time management skills. Apparently auctioneering skills come in handy too. Sometimes I need to get out of my office, off my computer and head out for the ‘hunt’. As a designer, I love creating, collaborating and . . . hunting for products to add to my ever-growing inventory. Time to head to an auction, right?

I attended my first auction a week ago. Drove a long way, only to discover my ‘lot’ was happening near the end of the auction. Hmmm. Time to drive back home, then return late at night. Still, I had to sit in a room hovering over 90 degrees, waiting for my ‘lot’ to come up for bid. And then crunch time. I spent the hour preceding my ‘lot’ time listening intently and observing the process. I understood half of it. How to know when someone has placed a higher bid when the auctioneer is speaking faster than my heart is beating? Subtlety. I remind myself to look for hand gestures, head pointing. Glances. I find my head swivelling, my arm raising. I’m frowning. What the heck is going on?

I passed the paddle to my other half. Help! I can’t understand what’s being said. Up goes the paddle. Down goes the paddle. Up again. Who, I’m thinking, is bidding against me? Are they planted by the auctioneering house? Bad luck? Someone with similar taste? Narrowing my eyes, I signalled my spouse, Keep bidding. Up goes the paddle, down goes the paddle.

We won the bid! Wait a minute, we have to add 12% buying fee? Really? 12% tax? Holy—–! Maybe not such a deal. I have to admit, I really wanted two specific items. A perfect pair. But I’m not a fan of auctions at the moment. My inventory requires specific pieces, and my time is valuable. Going to an auction to bid for, and hopefully win, an item of my choice, means I’m ‘wanting’ a specific item. This process, for me, creates a sense of ‘needing’ something when it may be better to walk away. Or keep my paddle lowered. In this case, I have my pair of antique, cross-stitch chairs and I’m happy to own them. But next time I’ll look further afield when I’m seeking something specific.

2016 Wedding Trends

Every new wedding season promises new ideas and inspiration. For 2016, here are the latest trends being buzzed about on popular wedding platforms:

Organic floral arrangements


spring flowers
Spring Gathering

Think stalks of lavender, hydrangeas, peonies, twigs and greenery. Add in pops of color with purples and oranges and lots of green and your bouquet is less stuffy and more natural. Cascade bouquets and floral crowns are a stunning addition to your floral arrangements.

Mixing metals

Gone are the days when blending silver and gold was a no-no. Nowadays, mixing metals with jewelry or wedding decor is an on-point trend. Whether you pair gold-plated china with silver cutlery or mix gold-colored vases with silver vases, the more the better. The idea is to create as much shimmer as possible. This trend is carrying over to invitations as well, with mixed metals and varying styles and sizes of fonts.

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes


macaron tower

A wedding cake is often the focal point. However, many brides are switching things up, providing dessert bars that either enhance the traditional cake, or in some cases, replace the cake. Dessert towers are very popular with stacks of macarons, madeleines and éclairs offering a centerpiece of edible art. Why not think outside the (cake)box? Fruit-infused popsicles, doughnut walls and snow cone bars are also making an appearance.

Specialty cocktails

Depending on your budget, try throwing in a specialty cocktail bar. Special spirits or wines make an appealing addition to the commonplace beer and rum offerings. Why not up the ante? Offer a martini bar with infusions of fresh raspberries or herbs. Don’t overlook guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktails are easy to prepare and are a nice alternative for guests.

Floral gowns

On the heels of the Oscars, floral appliqué gowns are all the rage. Whether the flower designs are similar in color to your gown, or whether you add a pop of contrasting color, this design idea is inspired by Renaissance paintings and the stars who wear these stunning gowns. The trend has moved beyond the red carpet and brides are embracing these gowns. Another feature gaining momentum? Detachable skirts. Great for dancing at the reception.

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