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Month: April 2016

Blushing Pear Is Featured On Kelowna Now – In Focus Business Magazine

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Starting a business is without a doubt a lot of work. It requires dedication, talent and passion. I’ve been extremely fortunate in choosing to start my rental and design business, Blushing Pear Vintage Rentals, in Kelowna. Why? Well not only are we living in the ‘Wedding Capital of Canada’, but I’ve discovered the local community to be enormously supportive. I’m truly grateful and very excited about the future. Following is a feature article in the In Focus/Kelowna Now, explaining my inspiration for starting this business and a bit of my background.

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DIY Hanging Moss and Floral Chandelier

wreath 7

With preparations for the wedding season in full gear, you might be thinking of adding a unique floral piece to your event decor. I created a simple, hanging flower and moss chandelier for an upcoming photo shoot. The scene I visualized was an enchanted forest; a pastel vintage theme with earthy, floral elements accented with pale blues, greens and creams. I used cream rosettes, pale green hydrangeas and icy blue roses. I added green boxwood sprigs for added effect.

You can create a similar hanging wreath with your own selection of flowers and greens in just a couple of hours.

Materials needed:

wreath 1

  • glue gun/glue sticks
  • twig wreath
  • floral wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • moss
  • flowers (I used silk, but fresh would work as well)

Step 1

wreath 2wreath 3

Using a glue gun, attach dried moss around the twig wreath.

Step 2

wreath 4wreath 5

Cut flowers (about 3 inches from base of flower) using wire cutters and insert inside twig wreath.

Step 3

wreath 6

Cut three similar lengths of floral wire. I cut mine about two feet in length. Space wire evenly around wreath in 3 places. Slide wire beneath wreath and bring both ends up to meet. Twist wire to mimic a branch. Continue twisting until you reach about 2 inches from the end of the wire. Twist ends into a small loop. When you have completed all three ‘branches’, secure together with a small twist-tie. Make sure each ‘branch’ is similar in height.

Now your wreath is ready to hang, from an arbor, a tree branch, or anywhere you like.

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