Every new wedding season promises new ideas and inspiration. For 2016, here are the latest trends being buzzed about on popular wedding platforms:

Organic floral arrangements


spring flowers
Spring Gathering

Think stalks of lavender, hydrangeas, peonies, twigs and greenery. Add in pops of color with purples and oranges and lots of green and your bouquet is less stuffy and more natural. Cascade bouquets and floral crowns are a stunning addition to your floral arrangements.

Mixing metals

Gone are the days when blending silver and gold was a no-no. Nowadays, mixing metals with jewelry or wedding decor is an on-point trend. Whether you pair gold-plated china with silver cutlery or mix gold-colored vases with silver vases, the more the better. The idea is to create as much shimmer as possible. This trend is carrying over to invitations as well, with mixed metals and varying styles and sizes of fonts.

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes


macaron tower

A wedding cake is often the focal point. However, many brides are switching things up, providing dessert bars that either enhance the traditional cake, or in some cases, replace the cake. Dessert towers are very popular with stacks of macarons, madeleines and éclairs offering a centerpiece of edible art. Why not think outside the (cake)box? Fruit-infused popsicles, doughnut walls and snow cone bars are also making an appearance.

Specialty cocktails

Depending on your budget, try throwing in a specialty cocktail bar. Special spirits or wines make an appealing addition to the commonplace beer and rum offerings. Why not up the ante? Offer a martini bar with infusions of fresh raspberries or herbs. Don’t overlook guests who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Mocktails are easy to prepare and are a nice alternative for guests.

Floral gowns

On the heels of the Oscars, floral appliqué gowns are all the rage. Whether the flower designs are similar in color to your gown, or whether you add a pop of contrasting color, this design idea is inspired by Renaissance paintings and the stars who wear these stunning gowns. The trend has moved beyond the red carpet and brides are embracing these gowns. Another feature gaining momentum? Detachable skirts. Great for dancing at the reception.

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